Seminar Nasional "INVASION"

03 Mei 2019
National Seminar “INVASION” is back!!!
with the theme “CONTENT MARKETING”
And now open with ONLINE registration! 
You can now access it here
 For contact info: 
Line: @omi5507b (using @)
Instagram: nationalseminar.2019
UKP 75k
NON UKP 100k 
Day/Date   : Friday, 3rd of May 2019
Venue         : Auditorium of Petra Christian University (PCU, W building)
Time           : 17.00-end
The guest show that will be sharing their knowledges in this show are:
🔹M. Ghifari Ismail, CEO of
🔹Han Yoora as a Content Creator, Youtuber, & Host
🔹Dennis Hadi, Owner of Hadi Kitchen & Positive Wear, Professional Speaker
Save the date! 
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