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SPSA – Surabaya Public Service Award
Public service is centrally or regionally organized by government agencies as an effort to meet the needs of the community, and to implement the provisions of the legislation. Public service held by organizations organized by the government, in which the government is the sole provider and the community has no alternatives in choosing related services such as licensing, immigration, public health, transportation, security, etc.

As a contribution to Surabaya, Marketing Management Program of Petra Christian University organizes Surabaya Public Service Award event -an event displaying and giving tribute to the organizations that have outstanding contribution to public service sector.

This event seeks to gather information from more than 2,000 respondents in Surabaya. The research is supervised directly by a research team from Marketing Management and the Faculty of Economics of Petra Christian University. As the final project, the students taking Marketing Research course are required to be in the surveyor force.

This event has been held from 2008 and routinely every year since by Marketing Program of Petra Christian University.